The world loves Brazilian fashion;

it is just that not everybody has discovered it yet.

That was the insight of a Brazilian couple who lived in Europe and, whenever they returned from their native country for vacations, they heard comments from their European friends such as “wow, what a fabulous outfit” or “If they sold it in Europe I would buy it.”

When they returned to Brazil, they understood their objective: we need to bring the Brazilian way of life to all corners of the world. What defines the most our Brazilian way of life? Beach. That was the answer.

The light, colorful, happy, and problem less vibe that only exists in Brazilian lands inspired more people to participate in this dream. In less than a year of history, the brand conquered followers in dozens of countries with the Beach and Fitness Fashion with the most Brazilian colors and shapes that exist.

A little bit

of Brazil

Conscious fashion, with respect for the environment, is also an ideal of Brazil that we share and we are proud of. Each bikini, one-piece swimsuit and sports product we deliver, takes a bit of our soul and spirit that is exclusive from us.

Brazil is not perfect, we know, but the world needs more than ever the good Brazilian way of being. To always find a way out in difficult times and never lose hope, to be close, to embrace and smile for no reason at all.

Our mission is to create products that express joy and positive attitude of Brazilian culture. Moreover, to spread this feeling around the world.

Why Sou do Sol?

In Brazilian Portuguese, when someone says, “Sou do Sol”, it means much more than being someone who loves sun and beach. Being of the sun is being a kind of sunny person who always sees the illuminated side of life. It is to have a positive attitude even when life is clouded and knowing that our light can transform the world. If you see the world like that, you are Sou do Sol.